ABSS Securitas Pvt. Ltd. is a professional agency providing a comprehensive range of Security Management Services. We provide customized security systems to many of the leading PSUs (Public Sector Undertakings), Corporations / Business Houses, Offices, Corporate Housing Societies, Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries, Highways & Industrial Construction Sites, Warehouses, Show Rooms, Schools, Residential Areas and many more, in the States of Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan.

We are one of the leading security agencies in north India equipped with the best infrastructure and impeccable reputation that we have fiercely maintained over the years amongst our contemporaries. Our objective is to provide a cost effective team of well trained personal to our clients for their safety, security and management needs. We incorporate sophisticated electronic equipments and systems in our services. We also have the wherewithal that a modern scientific and technological agency should posses. Our training facilities and know how ensures that we impart the best training to our personnel.

Discipline is of paramount importance to us. That we have not had even a single case of misdemeanor or pilferage is a creditable achievement in itself and speaks volumes about the discipline and integrity of our security personnel. We devote extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing and retaining the right people to fit each client's needs. Our personnel are always well turned out and smartly dressed. Our internal affairs vigilance ensures, through its constant monitoring, that these personnel do not participate in any union activity.
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